Помогите пожалуйста сделать домашнее задание по английскому языку

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Помогите сделать домашнее задание по Английскому.

The Post Office.
A post office is a building where postal business is carried on, together with the telegrams and telephones, payment of state pensions etc. They do not only deliver letters, telegrams, newspapers and magazines, but they also take and deliver parcels.
“Posta Moldovei” is an organization which runs the postal services throughout the whole of Moldova.
The General Post Office in Chisinau is situated in Stefan cel Mare street. It is a two-storayed building.
Inside the General Post Office there is a long counter divided into departments for parcels, stamps, registered and air-mail, letters, telegrams, money orders.
If you want to send a telegram, you should ask for a telegram from at the post office counter and fill it in.
You can also send letters, either ordinary or air- mail. If your latter contains anything valuable, you should register it. When you do that the clerk gives you a receipt and you pay the registration fee.
There is also a counter where they sell postcards, envelopes, blocks of stamps and stamps of different denominations. You can also get them from a lost machine.
You can send off a parcel is a branch saving bank, as well as a municipal service counter there. At the municipal service counter we pay the rent, electricity, gas, and telephone bills.
These are the main services offered by post office.

1. Work in pairs. Scan the text to find out where you can pay rent, electricity and gas bills.

2. Explain in your own word the following word combinations:

to run postal services branch savings bank

stamps of different denominations registration fee

3. When did you last go to the local post office in a village, town, city.